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Taking on Traditional Design

Taking on Traditional Design

Transform any room into a traditional dream.

Design: Cosmos

Evolved from European styles of the 18th and 19th centuries, traditional interior design is one of the most timeless styles you can choose. A combination of warmth and elegance, traditional decor is meant to please both the eye and the soul.  

Classic Colors

Choosing the right color is the cornerstone of any interior design style. In traditional styles, color maintains a classic aesthetic. Common color palettes include shades of brown, beige, and cream. These more natural and subdued tones are not your only options when going traditional, however, using a combination of them will give your space that desired balance of regality and comfort. 

Design: Cosmos Furniture

When picking colors for a traditionally styled room, choose one color for your main focus, and one or two highlight tones. In the living room above, the main color of the room is brown, with an off-white highlight and a slightly darker tone for the accent. The highlight color is perfect for the walls, a rug, lamps and windows, while the accent works for both the small backsplash and the curtains. 

This room is a perfect example of how tones of brown, when layered properly, can allow for a graceful traditional room utilizing plenty of light. However, this does not mean you have to avoid other colors. On the contrary,  cool or subdued tones such as pale blues and greens can elevate your traditional style to the next level when balanced properly. 

Just check out this beautiful dining room with green walls and graceful style. 

Design: Cosmos

Perfect Placement

Placement is a common theme among all traditional style rooms, regardless of which century or location they’re inspired by. Since predictability is a large part of what makes traditional design timeless and sensible, balance, and symmetry are huge factors in decorating a successful traditional room. 

Design: Cosmos

Couches or dining room tables usually sit in the center, with larger furniture items, like dining room hutches, bookshelves, and dressers off to the side or against a wall. This is important, because having a dining room table with even numbered chairs creates a lovely balance. The same goes for couches, which in traditional styles are usually ordered in the same way. A two or three seater couch will typically go in the middle, directly across from a coffee table, with a second couch (usually smaller or the same size) on one side and a single armchair across from it. This creates a U-shape  which allows for an open and homey feel. 

Design: Cosmos

Fantastic Textiles and Fabric

Traditional design can also utilize fabric and textiles to enhance warm balanced styles. Embroidered fabrics are a beautiful way to spruce up a traditional looking sofa into something unique. In traditional styles, textures and patterns are your friends! But, be careful to avoid more modern textiles like geometric patterns, because they may distract from your aesthetic and clash with some of your other decor. 

Design: Cosmos

Design: Ashley

The bedroom featured above is a perfect example of how embroidered fabrics can tie together your entire space. In this bedroom, the duvet set adds a multi-dimensional feel to this otherwise simple and classic traditional room. 

Detailed Decor

Details are everything in traditional design. From rolled armrests, to intricate carvings, to tassels and more. The smallest details in your traditional space can have the biggest impact. These minor decor essentials are an homage to the original European styles that traditional design evolved out of.  

This hutch is a beautiful example of how detailed carvings can make a simple piece standout.  

Design: Cosmos

Accent colors and highlights can really shine in your tiny details. Shop for items with lavish and intricate designs that include shiny silvers and golds. These colors can then be used in other stylized items and decor to truly pull your room together.

Design: Cosmos

Design: Cosmos

Complementary Contrast

Contrast is defined as two associated things being strikingly different. In this sense, contrast can take on many different forms and creating a contrast between color, details, and textiles is the best way to make your room standout. 

Design: Cosmos

Using dark and light tones to juxtapose the coloring in your room will uphold traditional aesthetics while feeling more modern and crisp in appearance. Another way to utilize contrast is in details that are opposite in size or shape. Combine large rounded princess style detailing with finer more intricate details.  As for textiles and fabrics, look for a balance between smooth velvety textures, and patterned embroidery like those of the couches in the living room below. 

Design: Cosmos

Traditional Takeaways

Things to keep in mind for your traditional space. 

  1.  Color: Pick a natural color scheme and run with it. But do not be afraid to throw a splash of pastel color on the walls. 
  2.  Placement:  Symmetry and balance are the key to maintaining a classic but elegant traditional look.
  3.  Textiles and Fabric: Try out different textiles and fabric, mix and match until you find your perfect combination.
  4.  Details: It’s the little things in design that will give your space that traditional flair.
  5. Contrast: Finish off the traditional aesthetic by pairing together opposites that complement one another. It will make your room look bigger and livelier. 

Remember This!

Traditional interior design can be isolated to one room in your house, or be the tone of every room. Regardless, this beautiful classic style is sure to wow your guests while making them feel right at home. 

Use a combination of color, placement, textiles, details, and contrast to boost your home’s traditional aesthetic. Most importantly, remember to have fun! Your room should be uniquely yours, regardless of stylization. Choose pieces and decor that stand out to you and are a testament to your personality. 

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