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Revamp Your Contemporary Room

Revamp Your Contemporary Room

A unique rug can be the perfect missing piece to complete your contemporary space

Design: ESF

The typical contemporary styled room will consist of clean and simple sophistication. Any patterns, shapes, or colors must be placed strategically to grant an heir of sleek freshness. Avoid overusing patterns or colors, stick to furniture that is neutral colored with smooth surfaces. Any highly ornamented pieces may distract from the aesthetic. 

But that doesn’t mean your room has to become boring, stale or stiff. 

In fact, it’s the opposite! 

For contemporary styles, you want to make sure that any bold statement pieces serve a specific purpose. My favorite way to elevate a contemporary home space to the next level is finding the perfect rug. In this article we will go through several different contemporary rugs to help you find the perfect addition to your style.

Design: Cosmos Furniture

Mosaic Tile Style – Urban, Modern and Classic 

Design: Harish

One of the more common and classic forms of contemporary style is modern contemporary. Look for clean lines, angular shapes, and neutral colors. The patterns in styles like this add dimension to the room and allow for a subtle pop while maintaining cohesiveness. 

For spaces with a clean, industrial aesthetic, use a rug like the one featured above to add character while tying together the other pieces in the room. The beauty of this mosaic tiled rug is that it brings a sense of lightness to the room. Pulling away from the heaviness of the other furniture, this rug maintains the urban beauty of the space and creates a softness around these sharp edges. The repetition of the pattern combined with the hand-woven form makes this eye-catching piece perfect for the completion of your contemporary living room.

Starry Skyscape Aesthetic – An Artistic Vision 


In a living room or bedroom with lots of neutral brown tones, use a wild pattern to liven up the space. The shape of organic strokes mixed with natural tones makes this skyscape piece ideal for that pop. 

This rug is a statement piece, but don’t let that intimidate you. Don’t be afraid to try out a bold color or other patterns in conjunction with this one. The fluidity and rounded form will elevate your space, whether you choose to add more accent pieces or keep this as the singular standout item. 

Try pairing this rug with an accent chair like the one below to give your living room a more rustic contemporary look. 

Design: Drakelle

Marble Madness – For The Eclectic 


Here is another loud rug to tie together your perfect contemporary space. This eye-catching piece uses splashes of color to draw you in while maintaining the neutrals we love in contemporary design. The spontaneity of the splattered paint design will liven up a more industrial or modern contemporary room style. 

Pair this beauty with smooth surfaces, rounded furniture, and silver tones. This piece would look great at the foot of a bed or the middle of your contemporary room. The red, yellow, and blue colors in the palette could be fun to experiment with. Try looking for lampshades, curtains, or throw pillows of the same color for added focus on this complex piece. 

Magic in Morocco – Classic but Decorative

Design: Moore 

A classic contemporary bedroom design, with rectangular lines and smooth dark wood surfaces, is the perfect aesthetic for this majestic rug. This rug has a symmetry that captivates and allows for versatility. Use the rug in a color scheme that is identical to the rug itself, such as the bedroom above. Dark brown, tan, and similar tones of blue will tie in perfectly with this item. Unlike the utilization of the rugs prior, pairing this Moroccan beauty with an identical color scheme will allow the rug to blend and function as a cohesive piece.

However, it does work as an accent if that is the contemporary look you’re craving. Another option would be to pair this rug with bright whites and subtle shimmery golds or champagne tones. Make this rug the darkest and boldest piece in the room. The versatility of this rug ensures that whichever way you choose to style it, it will bring a sense of awe to the space. 

Rounded and Retro – Vintage Vibes


Retro is another path to explore to make your contemporary room completely unique. While contemporary typically focuses on the modern, there are exceptions to every rule. A piece like this rug is truly the perfect exception. The simplicity of the color scheme with a variety of shapes and sizes allows this artistic rug to stand out in any contemporary setting. 

The rounded shapes bounce along this piece to create a level of modern sophistication despite the outdated aesthetic. Experiment with this piece as a tie-in point of dark furniture and cool industrial accessories, perfect for a chic office space or dining room. 

Things to Remember

When shopping for your perfect contemporary rug, keep these three things in mind. 

  1. Pattern: Look for patterns that stand out to you. Anything that is eye-catching can be the perfect tie in piece for your space. 
  1. Style: There are so many versions of contemporary style, keep in mind which one you’re aiming for and run with it. Industrial contemporary includes a lot of metallic and angular pieces, while a more rustic contemporary will use animal patterns and natural shapes to tie together the room. 
  1. Color: Contemporary operates in shades of neutral, but don’t be afraid to use a splash of color. Colors in your rug can come into play in various other accessories around the room. Even a solid colored rug in a sleek contemporary room can add a multi-dimensional feel. 

Design: Starmore

Final Thoughts

Styling in contemporary can feel overwhelming with how many shapes and forms this aesthetic can have. However, the perfect contemporary room comes together when we see a mix of form, color, and cohesiveness. A contemporary room wants to stand out without any frills. Using one standout piece, like an artistic or patterned rug will transform any clean, simple space into a room of contemporary couture.

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