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Bunk Bed and Loft Living for Kids - A&M Discount Furniture

Bunk Bed and Loft Living for Kids

When trying to furnish a child’s room, especially one short on space, you want furniture that will outlast their passing phases and current tastes. Pieces that age up with them are ideal for longevity. Gone are the race car beds of the past! 

Featured here are loft beds that are sure to dazzle and outlive any passing trend your child takes part in. These timeless beds flaunt clean lines and sophisticated style to bring your child’s room to the next level without sacrificing their comfort. 

The added beauty of a loft bed is that it allows for extra space to grow into, and is just perfect for rooms shared between multiple children. Give your children a sense of organization and privacy in even the tiniest of spaces. 

Double Drawers

Design: Ashley
Design: Ashley

This gorgeous loft offers a level of versatility that will truly grow with any child, and any room. Rounded edges, and a smooth finish gives this item a sophisticated and modern look. The white color allows for easy dressing to match any style. The color works well for children of all genders, or for two children who have different styles and share a room. 

Underneath the bed of the loft, there is plenty of space to suit any need. Choose between cubbies, drawers, or a combination of both. The cubbies can be used as bookshelves or as storage for toy bins and other decor. Or try swapping one set of cubbies for extra drawer space! Utilize those drawers to store clothes for seasonal changes, such as swimsuits or winter accessories. 

Storage Stowaway

Design: Ashley

If hiding away all clutter and storage is more up your alley, this rustic loft is sure to please. Made of reclaimed barn wood, this loft offers a farmhouse aesthetic that even a child can appreciate. The drawers are neatly packed under the bed to help eliminate excess furniture and alleviate some floor space. But the best part of this structure is the beautiful staircase. These three steps lead up to the bed for easy access for even your smallest child, and they hold hidden drawers to help keep clutter to a minimum. 

This loft would be perfect for a nautical or natural themed room. Pair this wood with deep bold colors like navy, burgundy, or hunter green for extra style. The loft is designed so you’ll never need to purchase a bedspring or other frame. Because of the loft’s short stature, low ceilings are not a problem. 

Design: Ashley

Muted Minimalism

Design: Ashley

Weathered gray wood gives this loft a refined timelessness that is sure to adapt to the needs of any growing child. The color of this furniture grants creative free reign. Match with more muted neutral tones and a single accent color, as seen above, or get colorful and use bright shades to make this piece pop! The wood tone of this piece allows for transformation. For added versatility and comfort, the bottom pieces are easily interchangeable. 

Here are just two of the many possibilities;

The first is a double dresser as seen below. This look pairs the two dresser drawers side by side for easy access to any clothing and linen stored within. Here, there is a clear separation between the two shelving units. The second option here is the one above, this option places the two drawers on opposing sides and offers a more open arrangement within the shelves. Either method is sure to spruce up your son or daughter’s bedroom, and give them plenty of space and organization! 

Design: Ashley

Towering Traditional Twins

Design: Ashley

This more traditional, bunk bed style, is not exactly a loft, however, it offers extra space, and a classic look that just had to be featured on this list! Traditional bunk beds are any kid’s dream, and this bed is no exception. The dark stained frame is sure to last long and hold up against any wear and tear that children put on it. The guard rails and secured ladder will make any parent feel safe with this choice. 

Described as clean line and contemporary, this modern take on traditional children’s furniture uses the large underneath space for storage. The drawer beneath sits on top of casters and moves easily. Having this space will give your child extra room for clothing or bedding, and will keep them from making a mess under their bed. 

Room Recap

Children’s rooms are compromising. You want your child to feel comfortable and expressed, but making space for organization and storage can be tricky without sacrificing style. Furnishing a room is always a balancing act between color, style, and functionality, but it’s doubled in spaces for kids. A child’s room should be moldable, and grow with them. Take off the pressure of balancing it all by purchasing a piece that accomplishes it all!

These wood constructions offer parents peace of mind as they are sure to outlast any wear and tear, and maintain sturdiness for years to come. Guardrails protect even the wildest sleepers. And low ceilings are no match for these beds, with some as short as 45 inches in height! 

Final Thoughts

Loft beds are nothing new, but they have been popularized in recent years. Having a loft bed with storage for clothes and toys underneath will give your child’s room for a desk, bookshelf, or even just space to play. Making space is always a challenge, with a loft bed, half the battle is won, and your child is sure to love it. 

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