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Picking the Perfect Console Table - A&M Discount Furniture

Picking the Perfect Console Table

Design: Ashley

First impressions are so important, while we’re taught not to judge a book by it’s cover, the first thing you see when entering someone’s home can leave a lasting imprint on your mind. Place a console table at your entrance to give your home a proper introduction. 

Console tables started up in 17th Century France, and have since grown into sophisticated furniture pieces. Unique from a side or sofa table, console tables are generally slim and narrow. They stand at about three feet and are best against a wall, particularly for a small hallway. 

Five Important Tips 

1. Symmetry is Key

This is the start to your home. Having a well balanced and symmetrical looking console table will grant you and your guests the feeling of being at ease and centered. The items placed on top of the console table should also maintain a similar sense of balance and symmetry. Try placing a flower vase opposite a small stack of books or magazines of similar height. 

2. Leg Day Everyday

A console table is small but that shouldn’t mean there isn’t much to offer! By standard, a console table has four legs, however, if you’re going for a specific style, mixing it up with a more artful display can really help. Look for intricate or unique leg designs, shapes, and colors. Since, the top of a console table is so small, the legs really speak to the piece’s overall integrity. Choose wisely!

Design: Cosmos

3. Character Study

A console table has the potential to elevate your home entryway by creating a preview to your home. Give it character, make a statement. Use bold designs, bright colors or shiny metallics to catch the eye of visitors as they enter.

4. Style for Miles

Character is important, but make sure it matches not clashes. If your living room is a minimalist transitional style, don’t choose a glam console table. The styles should at the very least complement one another. Think in pairings like these, industrial and modern, beachy and rustic, traditional and transitional. 

5. Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall 

If you’re going to finish the console table off with anything, let it be a mirror. The mirror should not take away but add to the overall aesthetic. Nearly all of the pieces here have mirrors that are designed specifically for that purpose. If your console table doesn’t have a pairing mirror, a painting can work just as well!

Devoted Detailing

Design: Cosmos

If your console table is going to serve as a statement piece, make that statement loud and clear. This gorgeous classic glam table is a creative design statement for sure. The intricate leaf shapes make for a futuristic modern take on this glam piece. 

The wide rectangular structure is beautifully complemented by the narrow mirror, with a matching and more evolved version of the same design. The shape is generally quite simple, but the detailing is more nuanced, which grants this piece a level of complexity. Keep the decor atop this table simple and elegant as to not distract from the overall piece. 

Industrial Intricacies 

Design: Cosmos

Welcome to the 1920s! Bring the beauty and timelessness of eras passed into the present with a chic industrial piece. The symmetry of the pipe-like trimming is wonderfully contrasted against the variety of lengths. 

A traditional four leg style console table takes on a whole new look in this piece. The sturdy wide legs allow for a sense of security while the design maintains a playful look. Notice the shorter stature of this console table compared to the others on this list. The height is largely made up for with a longer, more grand mirror. At first glance, the mirror is the center of the image, however, the console table quickly steals the show. 

Balancing Act

This legless console table really breaks the mold of its own kind. Showcasing balance, and symmetry at its center, the parallel between the mirror and base of this console table really catches the eye. Sturdy and timeless, this is the grandfather clock of console tables. 

Design: Cosmos

The detailing of this table plays with contemporary and classic themes while adding a Grecian aspect to it. Glass and metal work together on this piece to create a mesmerizing creation that is more art than furniture. 

Consistently Circular 

Design: Cosmos

Another glam balancing act! This cyclic design offers a sense of consistency and calm due to the repetition of pattern. If you’re looking for a more retro feel than that of the previous console table, this is your answer. The mirror and table base are beautifully matched and give a horizontal symmetry that is hard to come by.

This gorgeous piece can be dressed up into a more glam style with strategically placed colorful decor on top. Or maintain it’s retro simplicity with a tall candlestick and glass vase as shown above.

Vibrantly Vintage

Design: ESF

Modern industrialism does wonders on this vintage inspired console table. The legs alone give this piece so much character and vibrancy. The shiny accented legs come in both silver and gold. Gold, grants your space a pop of color that will add a flashy style to a contemporary or modern room. But, if you prefer a more subdued or subtle fashion, choose the silver finish which will blend beautifully with an industrial space. 

The balance between the two drawers and the simplicity of the clean lines really grants you so much creative freedom. Keep the piece as simple as possible if you want it to speak for itself. Or dress it as we see above, with decor that complements the golden accents. You’ll notice this console table has no mirror. This piece stands alone strongly, however, if you desire a mirror, go for one with clean and even lines to maintain the elegant simplicity of the style. 

Things to Think About

Symmetry and balance typically go hand in hand, while character and style are complementary. And finally, we have mirrors, while not all of these pieces feature a mirror, one can elevate your console table to the next level. Be mindful of the aesthetic you are trying to build and just how much space you have. Those two factors can greatly influence the kind of console table you end up purchasing. 

Another idea to add function to your console table, is to keep a basket for keys, hand sanitizer, or other items you might want to have at your home’s entrance. Or, simply maintain an aesthetic with a decorative plant and an artfully chosen lamp. 


Detailing and intricacies can create artistic qualities to your room that really allow the console table to speak for itself. Try not to clutter the top of your table with much decor if you have a more design-heavy piece. On the flipside, a simpler piece can really benefit from some stylized decor. Choose what catches your eye without feeling overstimulated, and you will find your balance naturally. 

Your home and your style are uniquely yours. This guide is simply that, a guide. Be sure to choose what speaks to you and what feels right for the essence you want to create in your room. A console table is the appetizer to your home, it should give your guests a sense of what else is to come.

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