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Fall in Love With a Loveseat

Fall in Love With a Loveseat

The two seater sofa, or loveseat as we know it has come a long way. Originating in the late 17th century, it’s purpose was very different. Due to fashion styles of the time, women needed extra room to sit with their large petticoats and multiple underskirts, hence, an extra wide seat was made. As fashion evolved, this became closer to the loveseat we know today, and courting couples of the 18th and 19th centuries would sit together to have private conversations. During this time, the loveseat also became an indicator of wealth. 

Today, loveseats are just as versatile and unique as their history. Used to save space without sacrificing fashion, many people with smaller living spaces are choosing to purchase a loveseat for its small size. Here, you’ll see some beautiful loveseats that will inspire your living space, and make you fall head over heels for them.

Rose Petals

This gorgeous scalloped sofa is available in gray, blue, pink, cream and black velvet. The shell shape feels balanced and airy, and will bring a serene feeling to your room. With thin legs and gold detailing, this loveseat gives off a retro contemporary style. 

The best way to style a piece like this, especially in this rosy color, is to pair it with dark stained or black wood. Rounded furniture will work very well with the curved shape of the sofa. Play into the style with retro accent furniture, like contemporary rugs, lamps, or framed art. This plush couch can easily become the focal piece of your bedroom, living room, or other open space in your home. Dress the room around it and let it shine! 

Navy Nightcap 

For a lush loveseat, this royal blue sofa is perfect. This is a contemporary take on the classic two seater sofa. The square shape gives a light airy feel, along with the open bottom and slim cushions. Another loveseat with gold detailing, this frame makes the velvet cushions the star of the piece. 

Symmetrical and well adorned, this sofa would be best served with rounded furniture for a stunning contrast. The rounded arm cushions and thin gold framing can also be played up in a vintage room. Whatever your style preference, or pairing, this loveseat could elevate your room with the right furnishings. Play up the gold embellishments for a sophisticated look, regardless of the style. 

Green With Envy

This piece is a statement while also sporting a passive neutral color. Heavy seat against sharp angled legs, this loveseat is proof that opposites attract. The dramatic silhouette stands out with a soft curved backing that allows for an open and homey feel. With a larger than life seat, this loveseat is perfect for families who may need extra space.

When shopping for furniture to complement this piece, look for shiny gold to contrast against the dark tones of the couch. Deep greens are typically associated with winter or fall seasons, but don’t let that limit you. This sofa works year round, play into the cool tones with dark seasonal decor for the colder months, and play against the hunter green with pastel and white decor for an airy feel in the warm months. 

Blushing Beauty

A loveseat perfect for a first date, this seat has plenty of room to stretch out. The skinny gold legs and smooth asymmetrical style give a very modern feel to this piece. A statement in pink, this delicate feminine coloring makes for a subtle and well-blended couch. Place this sofa near a window, as it will accentuate natural light. 

Pair with black or dark wood furniture for a pop of color. Or match with white and light wood furniture to give the room a cool minimalist style. The heavy top is balanced well with the skinny legs. In this sofa, simplicity is key, there is a no detailing or pillows, but the piece feels complete without it. Look for modern and industrial minimalism aesthetics to make this piece the star. 

Baby Blues

A loveseat with pearl detailing, clear legs, and powder blue pushpin stitch work makes this a gorgeous modern take on traditionalism. The vintage angled sides and solid glass square posts give a crisp and cool feel to the loveseat. While the velvet fabric adds warmth, the pastel hue accentuates natural light. 

The size of this loveseat is perfect for smaller spaces, and the high straight back works for maximum comfort. Heavy and deep on the top half but sturdy and distinguished on the bottom, keeping a balance in the entire piece. This sofa would complement lighter furniture pieces, use woods like pine and maple to create a transitional aesthetic for this sofa.

Remember This! 

Loveseats are perfect accent pieces, they can match exactly or stand out on their own and fit in generally any room. Whether you choose to pair your loveseat with another sofa, or make it the only seating option, any of these beautiful pieces work great. The space saving ability and versatility of these sofas make them the smart option for smaller living spaces. 

Choose a loveseat with characteristics that speak to you. Styling a modern or contemporary room doesn’t have to be flat, these sofas come in several colors, and their various shapes and heights make for a diverse selection. If your space allows it, try pairing one of these with an accent chair, or choose two loveseats to match together. 

Find a Love That Lasts 

Two seater couches have come a long way from their original function, and as they’ve evolved, so have the homes in which they’re placed. These loveseats bring a unique and embellished aesthetic to even the simplest of spaces. Use them to add character and give off a sense of comfort for yourself and your guests. 

When choosing the perfect loveseat, don’t be afraid to choose a bold color or style. Each of these bold pieces can really accentuate a room and open up your space to a cozy feel. Pick furniture that will complement the detailing or lack thereof, on any sofa you choose. The contemporary feel of each of these two seaters will bring this old school furniture piece into the present day!

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