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Mirrored Dressers

How to Buy a Dresser Dressers and chests of drawers provide style, storage, and organization for your bedroom. Perfect for folded clothing, socks, underwear, and other items that don’t require hanging, dressers and chests feature stacking rows of parallel drawers. When shopping for a dresser or chest, decide how much storage you need. A short, wide dresser provides plenty of storage for multiple people, while a tall chest of drawers is perfect for one person’s items. Pay attention to the number and size of drawers. Large drawers are ideal for clothing, while a top row of smaller drawers is perfect for wallets, jewelry, and other small personal items. Finally, choose a dresser or chest of drawers that will fit your decor perfectly. Thankfully, Overstock provides a wide variety of sizes, styles, and colors at affordable prices to match your style and storage needs. What is a Dresser? Dressers are usually waist high and feature horizontal drawers stacked atop each other. Two-column dressers are wide and feature plenty of space for couples with lots of clothing to store. Small dressers with a single row of drawers are perfect for smaller rooms. The low height and wide design of dressers creates a spacious surface on top of the dresser that is ideal for displaying pictures, lighting, or floral arrangements. What is a Chest of Drawers? A chest of drawers is quite similar to a dresser, as it also features stacking parallel horizontal drawers. But while a dresser is wide and might feature two columns, a chest of drawers is taller, providing more drawers in a single column. A chest of drawer’s narrow profile makes it ideal for smaller rooms, providing convenient storage without taking up too much floor space. The height complements bedrooms with tall ceilings beautifully by drawing the eye to the bedroom’s height.


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