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Your Perfect Home Office Style Guide

Your Perfect Home Office Style Guide

Modern is an umbrella term for styles that can vary wildly. However, industrial is a very distinct take on modernism. This style consists of dark tones, metals, and minimalism, which calls for thin angular lines, and a clean silhouette. Balance is native to modernism, and geometric symmetry is the way it shows up in industrial furniture. 

Design: Ashley

To master the industrial style, look for solid wood with smooth dark tones. Furniture like this is built sturdy and thick. With an old fashioned look, this natural finished desk is a unique spin on industrialism. The study desk has ample storage, and a lipped edge around the desk to confine the workspace. Metal, leather, and wood mix together to create a sharp and classy home office. 

For The Homebody

Design: Ashley

Farmhouse is a take on a more rustic aesthetic, keeping the homey feel and country vibes while adding a sense of modernism to it. Farmhouse is fresh, comforting, and very chic. A style like this works wonderfully in a room that has lots of natural light. 

This slim but sturdy desk works well to make a tight space feel large. The light wooden color, with a simple built and smooth structure, creates a perfect balance of old fashioned and modern. With a distressed paint pattern on the body of the frame and a darker desktop with a contemporary feel, this would complement any room color. The small farmhouse details finish off this piece with a subtle style that can elevate your room in a simple and clean fashion.

For The Traditionalist

Warm and elegant, traditional style is a classic that will transform any space into sophistication. Traditional looking home offices feature heavy and thick furniture. But this heaviness is usually balanced by delicate ornamentation. Use this style to give your room the comfort of timelessness. 

The desk set below features solid dark wood and is extremely top-heavy. However, that bold style choice should not deter you. The wide framed top is coated in a smooth, sleek finish, and wears stylized drawer handles to add some softness. The deep drawers allow for ample storage, perfect for a study or dedicated office. A modern perk of this traditional desk is the sliding hideaway keyboard. 

Design: Ashley

For The Risk Taker

Design: Ashley

For a homey and sophisticated combination, try a blend of two styles. By placing two contrasting styles together, you can create a unique environment that invites organization, and positive work flow. The blend featured above is a beautiful crossover between farmhouse and industrial styles. A paradoxical combination of two popular but seemingly opposite modern aesthetics that blends comfort with sharp clean lines in this gorgeous mash-up. 

The rustic white wood is given a chic flair with the angular lean frame and edging. Add in the thin drawers with metal handles to create a vision that is comfortable and functional. This distressed mashup includes the desk, credenza, and hutch, to allow you to furnish your room with ease.

For The Minimalist

A home office is so important for studying and working from home, but not everyone has the luxury of space. Contemporary minimalist designs can be the perfect space saver. Look for slender and simple desks that fit comfortably against a wall or in any corner that there’s space for. To help with concentration, aim the desk towards a window to allow for nature to help with productivity. 

Simply built with shelf space and a chalky distressed finish, this modern desk is perfectly matched with most room styles. The small size makes this great for easy mobility, and multipurpose rooms. Upholstered in faux brown leather, this chair is a lovely vintage-inspired complement to the desk.

Design: Ashley

What To Look For

There's a multitude of possible styles to explore when furnishing a home office. But ultimately, picking the perfect one for your home comes down to these three things.

  1. Style - Decide which style of decor works for you. If you have plenty of space with natural light, go for heavier and larger styles like traditional or rustic. But for smaller spaces look for lighter furniture with open shapes like industrial and contemporary pieces. Sticking to stylized elements throughout the room will maintain the aesthetic you choose and bring the whole room together.  
  2. Space - Be mindful of how much available space you have for a home office, and utilize it wisely. Whether it’s an entire room, or just a small section of wall, giving yourself a separate area to work in can increase your productivity without sacrificing the convenience of working from home. For small spaces look for desks with extra shelf and drawer spaces to store all your work essentials. 
  3. Comfort - Working from home allows you to provide a level of comfort that you may not be able to get in an office. Choose furniture that is more than just appealing to the eyes. These sets feature several different styles of chairs to allow you to maximize comfort in your office.
Design: Ashley

And Finally,

Style isn’t everything,  but it’s certainly important. This style guide will help you find the perfect home office style that matches your personality and work style. Creating an individualized space that is both stylish and functional can improve the quality of your work. 

Whether you’re working from home, taking online classes, or you just need an office space to separate work and play, these home office sets can be your answer. Make these trying times a little easier and give your work a place of its own.

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