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Find Your Perfect Dining Room Aesthetic

Find Your Perfect Dining Room Aesthetic

Redecorating a current home or decorating for the first time can be a hassle. Choosing paint swatches to match the right furniture to create the right look is frustrating as it is. Having trouble deciding on what dining room aesthetic is perfect for you? A&M Discount Furniture is here to help!

Antique-Style Dining

Antique-Style Dining sets add character and charm to any home. These sets will easily become the centerpiece of the home as its unique architecture will draw attention. They are ideal for larger gatherings ensuring that everyone has the right amount of comfort and space needed.
Dine in a vintage, timeless style that exudes gracefulness and sophistication.

Miranda Dining Room Set by Cosmos

Source: Cosmos Furniture

“The Miranda Collection by Cosmos Furniture features graceful ornamentation, straightened lines, and tapered legs. It has been meticulously designed and crafted to match in style and finish.”

Cleopatra Dining Room Set by Cosmos

Source: Cosmos Furniture

The Cleopatra Collection by Cosmos Furniture will infuse your home with functional comfort and traditional style. Blend the luxury of today’s living with the sophistication of styles past with this collection.”

Modern-Style Dining

Modern-style dining sets are simple and straightforward. Their minimalism, clean designs, and neutral colors all come together in an environmentally-friendly stylish way. These sets are among the more popular layouts found in most homes today.

Black Dining Room Set by Global

Source: Global Furniture USA

“Neoclassical Inspired Modern Dining Table Featuring a Black Glass Top, Polished Stainless Steel Base with Modern Queen Ann Style Stainless Steel Legs.”

Transitional-Style Dining

Transitional-Style Dining is perfect for those who love fusing the old with the new. It’s the middle ground for blending antique and modern styles of dining. These sets are versatile enough to blend in nicely with numerous home-decor styles. Not too much, not too little- just right!

Zora Dining Room Set by Cosmos

Source: Cosmos Furniture

The Zora Collection by Cosmos Furniture features graceful and soft shaping in a clean urban style. Rich design and elegant styling invite a relaxed setting in your home. This Collection will give glamour to any room. The accent designed chairs will provide class and posh to your dining experience.”

Contemporary-Style Dining

Contemporary-Style Dining sets are the way to go for someone who loves to stay up-to-date with the latest designs and current trends. These sets offer eccentric staple pieces that are sure to stand out from the norm. Simply unique, modern, and far from traditional.

White Dining Room Set by Global

Source: Global Furniture USA

“Add light and whimsy to your dining area with this quirky, modern glass dining set. This dining set includes a unique table with a long rectangle glass top supported by a polished stainless steel base shaped like a large checkmark leaning against a black support cylinder. Angular S-shaped white chairs complete the set, providing a comfortable place to sit with their bold design.”

Turquoise Dining Room Set by Global

Source: Global Furniture USA

Classic contemporary dining at its finest with this white lacquer expandable dining table featuring polished stainless steel accents for the ultimate in clean-lined styling.”

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For more information on these designs as well as a large variety of furniture sets including decor for living rooms, bedrooms,  and much more, visit A&M Furniture Discount.

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