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Desks That Are Definitely Worth the Investment!

Desks That Are Definitely Worth the Investment!

Desks are one of those things that might not feel like a necessity at first glance, but once you get one it makes all the difference. Desks provide a separate workspace and promote organization as well as productivity. Especially now that there is an increase in the number of companies that allow their employees to work from home, desks are actually much more of a necessity than you thought. Whether it’s for working on your side hustle, boosting creativity, or simply engaging in meetings remotely, you need a desk now more than ever!

Bolanburg Home Office Desk

Source: Ashley Furniture

The Bolanburg Home Office Desk is simple and perfect for cozy spaces as its only 60 inches long! It is also versatile enough to fit in with a number of different home-decor styles including farmhouse fresh, shabby chic, or country cottage. This desk also features three smooth-gliding drawers to provide ample storage space just where you need it!

Hamlyn Home Office Desk

Source: Ashley Furniture

The Hamlyn Home Office Desk has a classic wooden look that blends in nicely with the traditional home-style decor. Measuring at 60 inches long, this desk also works well in smaller spaces. It provides enough storage space with four drawers and even comes with a surprise: a pullout keyboard tray!

Raventown – Grayish Brown – Home Office Desk & Large Bookcase

Source: Ashley Furniture

The Raventown – Grayish Brown – Home Office Desk & Large Bookcase are two pieces of furniture that beautifully complement each other while sporting a very modern style. The desk has a nice large surface as well as two spacious drawers. The bookcase features four shelving spaces as well as a cabinet at the top for more private storage space. This pair will have your workspace feeling like a real office in no time!

Jonileene Home Office Desk and Storage

Source: Ashley Furniture

The Jonileene Home Office Desk and Storage effortlessly illuminate any office space. This pair blends aesthetically with farmhouse style, industrial style, or both! The desk features a large surface workspace as well as three smooth-gliding drawers. The credenza with hutch provides ample shelving and storage space. This pair will bring beauty and functionality to any office space.

Realyn Home Office Desk and Bookcase

Source: Ashley Furniture

The Realyn Home Office Desk and Bookcase is the perfect fusion of farmhouse and industrial style! The desk’s unique L-shaped structure provides a large surface area and fits nicely in a corner space. It also features three smooth-gliding drawers for handy storage. The bookcase is aesthetically pleasing and features tiered shelving and a smooth gliding drawer to help you stay organized.

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