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Whether you’re an avid reader or you just want to enhance your home’s design, a bookcase can work wonders in any space. A stylish bookcase can be a featured part of your overall room design and can be used to display your most prized collections and decorative treasures.

Select the Right Style

Think about these elements to choose the perfect bookcase for your home:

• Classic vs. modern. Today’s modern bookcases have sleek designs, with open backs and industrial accents, like metal shelves and crossbars. You can also achieve a modern look with an option that features a sliding door on rustic iron hardware.

For a home with a classic cottage or country style, go for solid wood—choose from a natural wooden finish or one painted in black or white. For more polished rooms, like an office or formal dining room, try a cherry bookcase. This warm tone also works well in rooms with old-world style, like cozy dens.

• Open vs. closed. A bookcase with doors is ideal for rooms that attract a lot of clutter, like living rooms and spare bedrooms. On the other hand, if you want to show off special collections, opt for a bookcase with glass doors. To display an array of family photos, try an airy option with simple lines, like a ladder bookcase. Place one next to a living room accent chair and it can double as a side table.

• Narrow vs. wide. For storage areas like garages and mudrooms, tall, narrow bookshelves are great for maximizing the number of tools and supplies you stow away. In children’s bedrooms, short and wide bookcases make it easy for little hands to reach for their favorite titles.

Add Elegance to Your Shelves 

A bookcase can be a great place to add some decorative flair to your room. Here are some tips:

 Add wallpaper to the back wall of an office bookshelf for depth and a pop of color.
 Use small bookcases in kids’ rooms to showcase their favorite things, like dolls and framed artwork.
 Vary the items you place on the shelves. Mix it up with plants, frames, special keepsakes and a small clock or candleholder.