Display Cabinets
Showcase your personal style by adding display cabinets to any room. Determine which type of display cabinet best suits your home and get inspired with how to decorate one.

Types of Display Cabinets

There are two main types of display cabinets you can consider: china and curio. The main difference between the two is that china cabinets usually only have glass panels in front to display your dishes and fine dining ware, whereas curio cabinets have glass on multiple sides so you can show off a prized collection or various knickknacks.

• China Cabinet: China cabinets are typically rectangular. A china cabinet’s bulkiness and elegance make it an immediate standout in a dining room and an eye-catching center wall piece. Many of these furniture pieces include drawers or floor cabinets that do not have glass panels.
• Curio Cabinet: Tall, strong and majestic, a curio cabinet features narrow, tempered-glass panels surrounded by wood framework. Top-tier woods such as cherry, walnut and oak are commonly used to construct the frame. The number of shelves in a curio cabinet varies. A curio cabinet can stand as a formal piece of furniture in a dining room, den or front entrance of a home. A corner display cabinet can blend seamlessly into a room while still offering a wow factor.

Decorate Your Display Cabinets

What you put on display in your china or curio cabinet will be your personal choice, but here are a few recommendations in case you are looking for inspiration:

• Design by Theme: Stick with one color, one material or one subject when adding display items. All objects on a shelf will be united in some way, providing visual appeal for you and your guests.
• Create a Cluster: Display items ranging in size, texture and shape. A daring contrast will grab your visitors’ attention, encouraging them to get a close-up look at the items in your corner display cabinet.
• Go with One Piece Per Shelf: If your cabinet is sectioned off, create a focal point for each square by filling it with a single object. As long as each object differs, you will have designed an art gallery in your dining or living room.
• Highlight Your Wine Rack: There’s no better place to show off a vast and impressive wine collection than in a glass door display cabinet. You can turn it into a wine cellar by propping up signature bottles while mixing in some of your crystal glassware.
• Flaunt Your Personality: Fill your home display cabinet with photos, mementos, antiques and other life-influencing belongings. You’ll have a unique way to document your many unique experiences.

Add a display cabinet to your home and enjoy the many compliments that will come your way from your furniture piece and the items in it.

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