How to Choose an Armoire


Armoires are incredibly versatile pieces that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and layouts. An armoire can be used to hang your clothes, store off-season coats and clothing, or conceal an entertainment system in your bedroom. Knowing how you plan to use your armoire will help you make the correct choice for your home.


Armoires have been in use for centuries, evolving with the decorative styles of each era. These styles include Gothic, Renaissance, Louis XIII, Regency, Louis Philippe, Art Deco, Modern, and a variety of other looks, including fusion fashions. Evaluate the style of your other furnishings to find an armoire that coordinates with your established decor and color scheme.


Before purchasing your armoire, it is also important to have a clear understanding of your space. Measure the entryway, the size of your room, and any furniture that will be paired with your armoire. This will ensure a comfortable fit and a beautiful layout in your room.

The construction of the piece is just as important as the size. Armoires crafted from solid wood have an heirloom quality but are more difficult to move, whereas wardrobes made from MDF are easier to transport, though perhaps not as durable. How often you plan on reorganizing your space will play a factor in the style of armoire you’re looking for.

Basic Construction

The construction and finish of your armoire says a lot about your home. Most armoires fit into one of three categories: Modern, Rustic, and Antique. Each style can be defined by basic design elements. For example, clean, straight lines with a sleek, solid color finish will give your space a modern look. Paneled detailing with a warm or distressed finish will add a Shabby-Chic or country-cottage style to your room. Curved lines with ornate or painted detailing will bring vintage elegance to your home.

Some armoires blend styles, mixing traditional lines with a modern finish, or smooth edges with a rustic texture. Examine your style and decor to find which design elements you prefer. This will help you refine your search for the perfect armoire.