A nightstand is more than just piece of furniture to place your alarm clock or glass of water. It helps complement your decor and bring balance to your bedroom. Here are some key factors to think about when shopping for a night table.

Considerations for Nightstands

Measurements: The first thing you need to do is take measurements. Measure from the floor to the top of your mattress. You don’t want your nightstand to be too big or small, so this will give you a good idea for the proper height. Just make sure your night table doesn’t extend beyond 6 inches from the top of your mattress.

Features: Decide what features are important to you. A nightstand with drawers is always handy for stowing items such as glasses and medication. If you read a lot, look into getting a nightstand with shelves to display or store your books. Some nightstands even include built-in USB outlets for charging phones, tablets and other devices.

Number: Determine how many nightstands you need. If you share a bed with someone, a nightstand on each side of the mattress is ideal. It’s important to note that nightstands aren’t necessarily a required piece of furniture in a bedroom. They can also be used as end tables in your living room or study.

Nightstand Styles

It’s important to choose the right style nightstand because it’ll help bring character to your room and complement the other pieces of furniture in the space. A few style options include:

• Modern: Modern design is about neutral colors, sleek surfaces and clean lines. A black nightstand with chrome handles and a white nightstand featuring a glossy finish make suitable choices.
• Rustic: Rustic design offers a relaxed look and casual charm. Wood nightstands, especially reclaimed wood, are great options. A gray nightstand with a weathered finish is fitting, too.
• Transitional: This style is a mix between modern and traditional designs. It offers sleek, clean lines and intricate curves. If your room boasts a neutral color palette, you can seamlessly incorporate a transitional nightstand.
• Mid-Century Modern: Mid-century modern nightstands usually feature long, wooden legs and wide, rectangular shapes. They’re versatile tables that blend well with any decor.

Get a good night’s sleep knowing your nightstands are the right size, shape and style for your bedroom.