Dresser Mirrors

A dresser is a critical functional and eye-catching piece of furniture in every bedroom. With a variety of features to choose from, including cabinets, drawers and large top surfaces, Dresser Mirrors can hold countless essentials in a variety of ways. Here’s how to select one that serves your personal needs and looks great at the same time.

Choose a Style 

Dresser Mirrors come in an array of styles to fit any taste. The look you choose has the power to enhance the overall aesthetic of your room:

• Modern. Today’s modern pieces have simple lines and metal knobs and pulls. Choose a sophisticated black dresser or one with a wooden finish that complements your room’s decor. An espresso dresser is a good fit for many modern spaces. The rich, warm tone evokes the cozy feel you want in a bedroom, and it also works well in formal areas like dining rooms and entryways.
• Youthful. White promotes a sense of energy and youthfulness, making a white bedroom dresser an ideal choice for a nursery or a child’s room. Light wood options, like pine, also give a room a bright, clean feel.
• Classic. If you have a home with a farmhouse style, a vintage three-drawer dresser with a natural finish can set the stage for your antique decor. Oak is a great choice for that sturdy, time-tested look.

You can also update the hardware on your bedroom dresser set to add a twist that reflects your home’s design. Swap out basic pulls and knobs with a trendy option like brass or polished nickel.

New Uses for Dresser Mirrors

With so many stylish choices available, it’s easy to put Dresser Mirrors to use in a variety of ways:

• Use a bureau to organize art supplies in a craft room.
• A dresser with deep drawers is perfect for clean towels and sheets.
• Four-drawer Dresser Mirrors work well for guest bedrooms to keep overnight basics at hand.
• Stack trays, glasses and bar tools on the surface. Fill the drawers with linens and utensils.
• Convert a dresser set into nightstands for either side of your bed.
• Dresser Mirrors are the perfect size for a bedroom media center. Set a small TV on top and watch easily from the bed.


Dresser Mirrors

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