Types of Jewelry Jewelry Armoires

Wardrobe Jewelry Armoires

Both functional and beautiful, wardrobe Jewelry Armoires are crafted specifically to store your clothing. Traditional in design, these armoires are typically made with a double door access, though single and triple door options are available. Most of the space in this style of armoire is dedicated to hanging garments. Larger options frequently come with drawers or shelves that allow you to neatly store shoes, accessories, and undergarments as well. Wardrobe armoires are an excellent choice for spaces with limited or no closet space, and are great for storing coats and other off-season items.

Entertainment Armoires

Entertainment armoires are designed to hold your television and audio-visual systems. These pieces can often be used as either an entertainment system or a wardrobe, but typically come with less space for hanging items. Entertainment armoires are equipped with shelves that raise your television to the correct height, and accommodate your DVD or Blu-Ray players. Additional shelves and drawers allow you to store other entertainment accessories. Cabinet doors cover your television while not in use, giving your room a finished and classical look.

Drawer Armoires

These armoires are equipped with multiple drawers or shelves, with little to no room for hanging clothes. Instead, these armoires offer a great deal of compartmented space for storage and organization, hidden behind drawers for a clean and finished look. No matter what kind of wardrobe you’re looking for, an armoire is a beautiful and classical piece that is sure to enhance the convenience and style of your room.


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