Types of Headboards

Grey upholstered headboard


Some of the different types of upholstered headboards you can find include freestanding, fixed, wood-framed, straight, wingback and tufted. These headboards come in different styles and are made with a combination of vinyl, fabric, leather and faux leather.

White storage headboard


Updating your bedroom with a storage headboard is perfect if you need to add organization or storage to your bedroom. This type of headboard is constructed with various shelves and drawers that will keep various belongings at an arms distance.

White standard headboard


If you want to update your bedroom in a simple, yet attractive way, a standard headboard might be the way to go. These types of headboards stand on their own and usually feature a simple color or design. These headboards will certainly add texture and character to your decor.

Grey tufted free-standing headboard


A free-standing headboard is the simplest of all the styles. This style allows the headboard to lean up against your bedroom wall and can be moved whenever you decide to change the look and design of your bedding.

Wicker wall mounted headboard

Wall Mounted

By mounting your headboard to the wall, it will give your headboard somewhat of a free and floating look. Securing it to the wall is a simple way to give your bedroom a stylish and attractive look. Decorating your bedroom in this way is also known to take of the less amount of room.