Revamp Your Contemporary Room

A unique rug can be the perfect missing piece to complete your contemporary space Design: ESF The typical contemporary styled room will consist of clean and simple sophistication. Any patterns, shapes, or colors must be placed strategically to grant an heir of sleek freshness. Avoid overusing patterns or colors, stick to furniture that is neutral […]

Marvelous Mattresses for a Good Night’s Sleep

Mattresses are the center point of the entire bedroom. It’s the start and end to every day, a peaceful sanctuary, and it’s where all the magic happens. Say goodbye to back pain and sleepless nights. Say hello to our comfy, affordable mattresses! Dream Series The Ego Mattress By Mlily The Dream Series The Ego Mattress […]

Rejuvenate with our Relaxing Recliners!

Recliners are the cherry on top for couch and sofa sets. They are what make seating so comfortable and calming. Thanks to our reliable recliners say goodbye to neck pain and back pain that comes from poor posture from sitting up on boring old couches all day. Reward yourself with the right recliner seating meant […]

Top 5 Blissful Bar-Set Dining Tables

Bar-set dining tables are here to give eating and entertaining a new unique vibe, leaving traditional dining room tables to be a thing of the past. Unless traditional dining room tables are your style, then check out which one of our dining room sets fits your aesthetic. However, if you’re looking for something more modern, […]

The Best-Fit Bedroom Sets for You

Bedroom sets provide the key details that make a bedroom feel intimate. A bedroom is your own personal safe haven to unwind and relax. Style and comfort don’t always go hand in hand, but luckily at A&M Discount Furniture, they do! We offer a variety of beds and bedroom sets. Find the best fit for […]

Find Your Perfect Dining Room Aesthetic

Redecorating a current home or decorating for the first time can be a hassle. Choosing paint swatches to match the right furniture to create the right look is frustrating as it is. Having trouble deciding on what dining room aesthetic is perfect for you? A&M Discount Furniture is here to help! Antique-Style Dining Antique-Style Dining […]

The Ultimate Guide to Modern Style

The modern style first emerged in the early 20th century, Inspired by the minimalist design movement of the 1930s. Modern style today encompasses a wide variety of looks and can be broken down into many different sub-styles to name a few, Art Deco, Mid-Century Modern, and Bauhaus, all of which feature straight lines, clean symmetry, […]